Guidelines for Healthy Anti Aging



      Guidelines for effective anti-aging:

  1. Raise and maintain your sex specific and human growth hormone levels to 25-30 year old values under medical supervision;
  2. Micro nutrients deficiencies brought up to balanced levels through supplementation, and compounded mixtures inter-muscular injected; under medical supervision;
  3. Hydration levels brought up through increased water intake [ half your body weight in ounces of clean, purified water] and 2 balanced sports drinks per day [i.e. Shaklee “Performance”]
  4. Paleo Diet….lean proteins, fish, meat, nuts; vegetables and fruits; organic preferred; eaten 3-5 small meals daily;
  5. 7-8 hours of undisturbed sleep per night
  6. 6 days per week vigorous exercise-
  1. 3 days of weight-strength training; 20-30 minutes in duration;
  2. 3 days of sprint type cardio-vascular; 20-30 minutes in duration;
  3. daily stretching and balance exercises;

These guidelines will effectively bring anti-aging benefits to you if followed daily, and consistently.


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